22 March 2013

Last Minute 'Dos: Twist Tail

I was getting sick & tired of my wonky, dried out WnG. So last night,  I decided to do a last minute rescue 'do. I quickly applied some of my vinegar/conditioner mix to my hair & rinsed it out thoroughly with warm water.
Next, I sprayed my entire head with my SM Hold & Shine Moisture Mist, focusing on the ends. Then I took a small amount of the SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, grabbed a chunk of my hair, lightly raked in the Smoothie, & twisted up that section. I repeated this on the remainder of my head & ended up with 6 twists.
I gently pulled back the twists into a ponytail, pinned the front section to the side, & blotted out the excess moisture with a towel. Before hitting the sack, I covered my hair with a satin scarf.
This AM, I awoke to soft (malleable!), moisturised hair. It was so nice to just wet my tresses & get sort of a fresh start style-wise. The flexibility of our hair is unbelievable sometimes! :-D
What are some of your favorite rescue styles to do when you're having a not-so-stellar hair day, curlies?


  1. Hey! I know what u mean about ur hair needing water and a fresh-style-start!! And yes the flexibility of our hair is just "oo-la-la" lovely!!! I love it!!

  2. Happy Birthday Girlie!!! Hope u enjoyed ur day! I left the birthday wishes here b/c I can never find a way to contact u other than ur comments section. LOL!!!!!

    1. Aww thanks, chica! That means a lot :-) It wasn't the best day, but I made up for it today :-D

      I know what you mean lol. I should have like a separate blog e-mail or something.