21 March 2013

Product Review: Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm + My Sister's First Successful WnG


On Saturday, I convinced my sister to give the CG method a try. She'd been watching MahoganyCurls and loved her flaxseed gel twist out. We didn't have flax gel, so I decided to help her with a WnG instead. My sister has always had a hard time wearing her hair out. Though she has waves and loose curls, her individual strands tend to be fine and feather-light. She needs heavy products that can keep her hair weighed down, but that are still moisturising and help with definition. Using the Denman on her hair could sometimes be problematic, because it separated her hair into too many sections.

With this in mind, I stopped by Sally's and thought that this conditioner might be heavy duty enough to keep her hair moisturized. I picked up two bottles of it.

Once at home, my sister did one last silicone condish DC with the TRESemme Platinum Strength Deep Treatment (she lurves this stuff!), left it on for a bit, and then shampooed with her TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo. She loaded her hair with the GVP Balm, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then we both started to finger detangle ( I usually help my sister with her hair because she has so much of it, and it's overwhelming for her sometimes.). HUGE mistake. This conditioner is uber thick and has almost no slip to it! I had to drench every section with water before trying to rake it through her hair. I finally started to add some TRESemme Naturals to a few sections, and that helped with detangling immensely. At any rate, after about 30 minutes of raking, I asked my sister if I could add gel to make it a true WnG. She reluctantly agreed. So I took some of her Fantasia IC Fantasia gel and raked it through a few sections. The parts with TRESemme Naturals instantly started to get white flakes and balls (meh!), so I ran and grabbed my Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel, which is a much heavier styler. I just kept adding more gel (especially to her roots, ends, the underside, and the top layer of her hair) and raking, raking, raking. Her definition was amazing! She never got these results doing the TC method or using the Denman. The GVP balm was really moisturising, and added much needed weight to her thick, lightweight waves.

Next, I took my Turbie Twist and scrunched some of the moisture and excess product from her hair (to give her a bit of a jump start on drying). And then I diffused her hair (high heat and speed) using the PixieCurl method, holding each section up for about 90 seconds (not all at once lol).

These are her results at about 70% dry:

Her thoughts on the balm? Totally sucked. She liked the fact that it was moisturizing and could keep her hair weighed down, but she didn't enjoy spending so much time trying to get it through her hair. She's also much more of a fragrance person than I am, and she didn't like the fact that the balm had such a light scent. I'd have to agree with her (except for the scent part); it was a nightmare trying to use this conditioner! Adding all the extra water just to get this stuff to comb more easily was a pain.

My sister's rating: 1 out of 5 curls

I returned both GVP balms to Sally's on Monday, and we haven't looked back. She's looking forward to using the normal silicone conditioners and sulphate poos that her hair knows and loves. She might try the MC flax gel twistout this weekend though (I made a batch of flax gel), so we'll see.


How about you, curlistas? Have you ever tried the GVP Conditioning Balm? How did you use it? Did you like it?


  1. Your sister's hair looks amazing! I just wanted to comment on how healthy it looks. You know me, I don't use that other stuff. I stick to my staples. I've stopped using traditional conditioner. I only use CV butter conditioner bar as my conditioner now.

  2. Thanks, Raven! :-) I'll pass it along :-) She's been doing a great job taking better care of her hair lately.

    Ooh, I forgot about that condish bar. It's even replaced TRESemme Naturals? O_O

  3. I loooove all the curls in ur sister's hair!!! I'm not crazy about using gel(never have) but maybe I'll give it a try just to see how my hair does with it...but I love her curls!!!!!

    1. I kept forgetting to reply to your comment - ay! Lo siento :-/ I told her, though, and she had the biggest grin on her face :-) And she said thank you.

      I know what you mean about the gel. I just kind of did it because of CG, but I didn't like how it sounded like my hair was snapping when I tried to style it differently. Even after SOTC. That's the one thing I love about TC - after that initial stringiness/slight crunchiness on wash day, it's super soft after that because of the conditioner.

  4. Look at you!!!!! Your hair is GORGEOUS!!!

    1. I'll definitely let her know; thank you, Golden! :-D