23 November 2011

My Regimen

Ah, the epitamy of being a natural - the regimen! This is my favorite part to read in blogs, websites, etc. I love seeing the variety of products and what people do. My regimen isn't too original since I follow the Tightly Curly method, but I do add a couple of things that Teri doesn't include...mostly because my hair is dry and very short. So, here's what I do to care for my curly locks:

Friday night:
1. Mix 10 oz  of LeKair Cholesterol Plus Strengthening and Conditioning Cream with about 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil (I don't really need this much, but I always find a way to use it all :-D).
2. Using plastic clips, section hair hair into sizable chunks. Saturate each dry section with the cholesterol/olive oil mixture.
3. Cover head with a plastic grocery bag, then cover bag with my satin cap.
$. Sleep on it.

Saturday morning:
1. Uncover my hair, and thoroughly rinse out the cholesterol/olive oil mix (even with hair as short as mine, this takes at least 2-3 minutes).
2. Shampoo my scalp with a gentle shampoo (my current one is Bioluxe Hydrating Shampoo); rinse thoroughly.
3. Cover my hair and scalp with a cheap rinse conditioner (my favorite is Alberto VO5); rinse thoroughly.
4. Section my hair with clips, and saturate each section with a combing conditioner (I love the TRESemme conditioners for combing!).
5. Use my D3 Denman to comb small sections of my hair at a time.
6. After combing each section, I use my fingers to create "doodles". These are great for curl definition, and I get lots of compliments on them.
7. Let my hair air dry (about 4-8 hours).

Every night:
1. Before I go to bed, I take a nickel sized amount of extra virgin olive oil, rub my hands together, and smooth it on my hairline. I add more and spread it around on the rest of my hair as well.
2. Make 16 twists around my head (this isn't all of my hair, but all of my hair isn't long enough to put into twists without hurting my scalp) and cover hair with a satin cap.

Each morning:
1. Undo twists.
2. Spritz hair with water (Since my hair still kind of feels hard Sunday-Tuesday mornings [which means that there's still plenty of conditioner there and no more needs to be added], this is all I need to do those days, and I skip adding the extra conditioner). .
3. Take a dime-sized dollop of my combing conditioner (Wednesday-Friday), spray water on it several times, then smooth over hair, retwisting any "doodles" that have come undone.

That's it! It seems elaborate, but it's more simple than it seems.

So, curly ladies, what's your hair care regimen? What products do you currently love? Are you trying anything new?

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