21 December 2011

12 Inches in 12 Months Challenge!

I'm a member of the CurlyNikki forum, and 00taytay00 posted about Hairlista.com's Growing 12 Inches in 12 Months Challenge. It sounded great, so I joined in! Here's the info, straight from her blog:

Check-In: December 31, 2011

You may use all or some of these methods listed below:

1. Scalp massages everyday or weekly for an entire month OR for all 12 months. But you have to do it for at least a month. Do massages between 10 to 30 minutes, with FINGERTIPS, GENTLY. If you have soreness, avoid that area of your head. You may incorporate oils if you wish.
2. Protective styles/low manipulation styles at at least 3 to 5 days out of the week.
3. Either no heat until December 31, 2012, heat once a month, or heat every few months. Exceptions for special occasions.
4. Exercise two to three times a week minimum. If you can, find exercises that can really pump the blood such as cardio and other aerobic exercises.
5. (optional) Incorporate either the Green House Effect or baggying method weekly.
6. Only get trims when necessary.
7. Moisturize and seal when necessary.
8. Shampoo, co-wash and deep conditioning in the way that you feel suited. Pre-poo if you must, but make sure to detangle and divide hair into sections when washing it.
9. For five to ten minutes daily, rub your fingernails together (NOT your thumbs). Nerves in the nail beds can lead to the scalp and lead to growth. I have already seen improvement in my nails (they have hardened and are shinier) after a month. It also can preserve hair color. Do not rub thumb nails, that can cause hair loss.
10. In the winter month, when wearing hats, where either a silk bonnet underneath the hat OR have silk lining in the hat to protect hair.
11. Sleep with a silk or satin scarf every night or a silk pillowcase.
12. Drink lots of water. They say 8 cups (that is four regular water bottles), but others advise that you drink more. Drink it anyways for your health. Water allows the nutrients to circulate throughout your body.
13. Eat a healthy and BALANCED diet. May sure to eat at least two fruits and two vegetables a day (for those who despise both, I tried to make it easy on you). Some foods that really promote hair growth: fish (omega 3 fatty acids), eggs (omega three fatty acids), oranges (full of vitamin c), nuts (particularly almonds which strengthen hair and produces a shine), carrots (full of vitamin A and makes hair shiny), broccoli (calcium, if you are lactose intolerant like I am), spinach, bananas (full of biotin), some meats (not the fattening ones, but you get protein from meat), etc.
14. Take a daily multi-vitamin.
15. (optional) Use a growth aid. It can be anything from JBCO to Hairfinitiy, to whatever you want. It will simply give you an extra boost
16. Reduce stress. Yoga, meditation, relaxing, simply reduce it because it can slow down hair growth. SLEEP.
17. (optional) If you are relaxed/texlaxed/transitioning, try your best to stretch your relaxers to as long as you feel is reasonable. Simply try to keep your hair in the best shape possible.
18. Every day, say a positive affirmation about yourself to motivate yourself.
19. At the end of each month do a length check to see how you are coming along. Post a pic at the end of every month or few months. You can do it on wet hair, or straightened hair, etc. whichever works best for you. Or you can simply post on the wall how much growth you have had.

December 31, 2011: Post starting pic or write starting length and what length you are attempting to reach.
January-November 2012: At the end of every month, post your progress on this wall. It can either be a comparison photo or a written update about your progress.
December 31, 2012: Final comparison and update. Challenge closed. Post what worked the best for your growth.

Buena suerte!

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