30 March 2012

Life and Hair Update...

Well, chicas, it's been more than a month since I wrote my last post. Life has been crazy busy since then, and it's getting even more hectic with graduation coming up! Ugh. Anywho, I thought I'd give you a brief life update since I haven't been posting regularly.

1. I was accepted into 6 of the 8 colleges I applied for! A 75% acceptance rate is pretty good methinks, especially with SAT scores as low as mine. God was so faithful during this process! I was fretting about money and how school was going to be paid for, but I was chosen to be a member of a scholars program at my community college, so my first two years of tuition will be totally paid for! I couldn't believe it! And there's a really high chance that after I transfer, I'll be able to get a good scholarship for the last two years of my undergrad degree. Praise God!

2. My weight loss plan was a major fail. I've been so stressed, and I didn't stick to my plan, so I've been gaining a ton of weight this semester. I'm now at 230 pounds :-( *sighs* I'd like to start eliminating sugar, meat and dairy in April so that maybe 15-20 pounds could be dropped by the time my high school's banquet is near.

3. Spiritual growth seems to have been stunted this year too. I've not been reading my Bible as much as I used to, even though I've been praying a lot more (the crazy people at my job are part of that reason).

Sooo, my 2012 resolutions seem to have been a no-go, but I'm determined to start again! I won't quit only a few months in. The year is still new! :-D

Also, I've got a ton of hair updates for you too. In the time that I was absent from the blog, I reevaluated my regimen, and found a few things that weren't working for me. Shampooing for one. It was drying out my scalp and hair, so I decided to try co-washing (using a conditioner like a shampoo). It was okay for a couple of weeks, but after a while, my scalp was full of build up, and my hair looked dull. I asked for help on the CN forums, and somebody suggested that I try apple cider vinegar. So at my next wash session, I mixed 3.5 tablespoons of ACV with 1.5 cups of water. I poured it onto my hair, rubbed it into my scalp, etc. And then I rinsed for several minutes (to make sure that funky smell was totally out). My hair felt so clean and moisturized! I'm hooked and never going back to a regular shampoo! The ACV has helped with shedding, reduced or totally eliminated my scalp's irritation, and helped with curl definition. Unbelievable. I can't believe I hadn't tried this before! I'd highly recommend it to any curly who's willing to try this.

Anywho, I have to go for now, but I'll be back soon to finish my hair update!

Hasta luego, chicas!

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