09 February 2012

Updates on Products, Life, etc...

So I tried the Rejuvenating Mud Masque during my last wash session. It wasn't like, "WHOA!!!" but it was good. When I read the ingredients label, I saw that it was formulated just like a regular conditioner, with extra oils (olive and coconut), bentonite clay, and honey. I could've done the same thing with my regular TRESemme conditioner, adding in the extra ingredients. Plus, it was an 8 ounce jar, and I used every gram of it in one deep conditioning treatment. I'm not sure if I'd pay extra money for a product I'll use only once. But it was very moisturizing. When I rinsed, I washed out about 40% of it, and then applied the shampoo to my scalp. After that, I finished rinsing out the rest of the masque and shampoo. I did it to keep the shampoo from drying out my hair too much, and to thoroughly rinse the masque out of my hair. My curls were soft and felt really moisturized, so all in all, it was a great deep treatment.

I also tried the Liquid Gold Shine Therapy. I L.O.V.E.D this stuff! My hair usually loses its luster about Tuesday, and I have go through the rest of the week with dull-looking hair. I applied at least 20 pumps of this product to my hair after washing out my rinse conditioner. I left it in for about 8 minutes (which is 3 minutes too long, according to the directions). When I started rinsing it out, though, none of the "micro crystals" rinsed out. I'm pretty sure they were lodged in the twists of my little curlies. But oh.my.goodness. The shine that came from these coils was unbelievable! Even 5 days after wash day, my curls are still glossy! I am in love with this product, and I will definitely add this to my regimen. It's not a total necessity, but it'll keep your precious tresses shining all week long.

I'm trying the Protein Renewal Creme this upcoming Saturday, and I'm excited about that one, too! I'll post results as soon as I can.

In other news, yesterday, I started my first "official" job! I went in at 3 pm, but since it was a slow day, I left at 6 instead of 7. Everything went well...except that I'm the only one on the team who speaks fluent English. My manager and one co-worker who arrives before me speak a Semitic or Sanskrit language, and the two women who come in later than me converse in Spanish. The customers were so patient, despite me working as slow as molasses. And one coworker and I are developing a crush on each other...we were flirting big time. The cool thing is that he's Asian, and where I live, most Asian guys and black girls don't "mesh" socially. It's an odd little unwritten rule. Black guys and Asian guys hang out together, black guys and Asian girls have relationships, and black girls and Asian girls talk. But for some reason, Asian guys and black girls don't really associate in this part of the country. It's strange. But my co-worker obviously didn't get that memo. I'm glad he didn't :-D

Well, I've gotta run, chicas. Lots of homework due next week...eeek! And my driving test is tomorrow. Ay...so much to do and so little time. Hasta luego!

Have you tried any new products lately? If so, which ones? How did you incorporate them into your regimen? What were your results? Would you recommend the products to other naturals? Anything new going on in your life? Dish!

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