01 January 2013

CG Update + 2013

[Note: I meant to post this on 13 December, but was unable to finish. My hair is done for the week  :-)]

Let's do the little things first :-)

First off, I finally fixed my edges situation! I smoothed my leave in mix on it, sealed it with some EVCO/canola oil blend. I then took two large (quarter sized) dollops of my gel and smoothed it on my edges. I let it dry, and honey boo boo chile my edges done look recovered now! Lol. No more of that embarrassing frizz! And, the best part is that I baggyed overnight, and my hair was still laid before I went to class this morning and it STILL looks amazing!

Now, my leave in stash. Um...well first, an explanation of sorts. I had all these mixes and whatnot going on, and reading product reviews on CN and YT...I just got overwhelmed. I snapped, dumped out the majority of my products (only the non-CG condishes with short chain alcohols, a DC mesh, and a leave in that I tried to mix together), and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, I hit up Safeway, Rite Aid and Target, and repurchased almost only staples that I used and loved. 

Ummm...don't take this the wrong way, but I will no longer be doing stash hauls. I'll just update y'all on when I buy new products and do little product reviews and whatnot. I'm trying my best to curb my PJ ways :-P

My CG journey is going pretty well so far; I still have to get rid of some of the conditioners, though *sniffles* But otherwise, I'm good. My moisture levels are much higher, so my curls look much more hydrated, and they clump well without even being detangled with the Denman. I lurrve this technique of hair care! Never thought it'd work for me, but it does :-)

My cowash mix is good, but I also purchased two sulphate-free cleansers (shampoos); I tried one out already and it is amazeballs (got that from the NiveNulls)! Review coming up soon, chicas.

Additionally, I purchased a copy of The Curly Girl Handbook, 2nd Expanded Edition. I'll be doing a review and comparison to Curly Like Me because the methods are so similar. Suffice it to say that I'll be pulling things from both books.

Oh, and one more thing: Happy New Year! Feliz ano nuevo! Here's hoping and praying that 2013 will be even better than 2012 was :-)

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