21 January 2013

WnG Day 3 + My New Favorite Oil

Buon giorno, bellas!

My Wash 'n' Go is still going strong...it's day 3 now (or, the 2nd day after styling). Last night I was feeling extra lazy, so I skipped the bobby pins and put my hair into 7 or 8 fat twists (a la Tightly Curly method style from my TWA days). They pretty much stuck straight up all over my head. I didn't take any photos of it because, well - I don't want to be blackmailed later in life. Lol. I didn't want my hair too stretched, so I made sure to twist pretty loosely and not go all the way down to the ends.

This morning, I drizzled some safflower oil on my hands, smoothed it on my twists, and then untwisted, starting from the bottom. The results?

Left front. You can also see how the roots of that wonky wavy-ish section went straight a bit further back. They are straight ratchet -__-

The back

Full front view :-)

Right side - I have no idea why it looks like this. It kind of looks like most of my hair ended up on this side of my head and it doesn't know where to go. I'll know better next time.

Left side - my favorite :-D I also love that little tendril poking up in the back; it looks like a fiddlehead.

The right front. That frizz further back is driving me bonkers. That area of my head frizzes no matter what I do; it's always been like that. Meh.

I'm still loving it! Once it starts to look cray, I'll just spritz, remoisturize, and flat twist both sides and pin them together.

Maybe I'm just a crazy, but for some reason, my hair seems less tangled, more manageable and quicker to do when my hair is loose. In twists, all the shed hair wrapped around my other strands; it was a nightmare to detangle. Even taking down my twists after 2-3 days to finger detangle didn't help much. And I don't touch my hair nearly as much. Humphy. Mayhaps I'll go for another month and see how my hair does. *le sigh* Is it just me, or does it seem like once I have my hair figured out, it switches up on me? I can't be alone in this lol.

In other news, safflower oil has become one of my favorites! I did a bit of research, and found that it's a great oil for the hair. It's a lighter vegetable oil that comes from safflower seeds. There are two varieties: one with high amounts of polyunsaturated fats, which has a low smoke point and goes easily rancid. That type is used mostly in salad dressings. The kind useful for cooking (and hair) has high levels of monounsaturated fats and a high smoke point (which makes me think that it could be a good heat protectant, similar to grapeseed oil).

Though safflower oil lacks vitamin E, there are some companies which produce the oil enriched with this crucial vitamin (mine is vitamin E enriched). Flavorless, this yellow-tinted oil protects and moisturises the hair strands, nourishes the follicles (when applied to the scalp), and stimulates blood circulation to stimulate hair growth. It's great in deep conditioners, moisturizers, as a sealant, prepoo, etc. Additionally, it's great for eating, too - in salads, for stir frying, and much more.

I love how silky safflower oil is; I put it on my ends and the length and roots of my hair, and it instantly made it easier to finger through my hair. It helps to soften the gel cast and adds a nice shine to my hair. It's definitely on my staples list :-D

Have you ever tried safflower oil? What are some of your favorite oils? How do you use them?

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  1. Super gorgeous!!! :D :D i love it :D

  2. Hey...I don't know why I'm not getting updates as to when u publish new posts...anyway, I've never tried safflower oil. I shall have to. Right now my favorite oil is jojoba and coconut(only in summer or in pre-poo where I have to rinse it out). I've never tried grapeseed oil either...I'll have to try that also. Your curls look great!!!!

    1. Blogger can be weird; I add blogs to my Reader, and I still only get updates sometimes lol. Your posts will pop up in Google+ or via e-mail, but then not be in Reader until later. Makes no sense lol.

      Coconut oil is another one of my boos (I keep them in rotation :-D )! I can use that stuff to dry detangle, prepoo, calm an itchy scalp, DC, do a protein DT, seal...pretty much anything and everything. Even as a leave in when it's mixed with grapeseed. Lurve that stuff :-D

      Grapeseed is very light; perfect for the summertime. It has no smell, but it's good in prepoos, DCs and as a light leave in for lazy days. I don't like using it much for sealing, though, because it doesn't last long enough for me. The good thing about it is that it's usually pretty affordable. The grocery store near me carries a less expensive brand - 24 oz for $6.99, and the higher end brand; 16 oz for $8.99.

      Jojoba seems to be super popular; I'll have to try that. I heard that it's chemically similar to the sebum that our scalps produce. What do you use it for?
      There are soo many different types of oils! I wish I could buy them all! :-D